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Today, on April 20th, 2016, Paramount was visited by the team of Taman Bintang Kodomo from Jakarta. Even before 7 o’clock AM, they had prepared all for this event.
Thanks to Kak Dewi as a moderator of this event who successfully made the kids enthusiastically participated until finished.
Began with drg. Mayasari who was dental practitioner, at KM 11 Palembang, showed to us how to brush out teeth correctly as we brush teeth at least twice a day (after eating and before go to sleep) and guide us not to forget to check our teeth health twice in a year.
After that, the students started to brush their teeth by using the tooth brush and toothpaste and of course prepared by Kodomo team.
According to the event organiser, Kak Nitri and Kak Dewi, today’s activities were through all the schools in Indonesia. “They were all happy not only from the welcoming from the school but also the kids  were so active and so excited participated in this event.” They said.
Before the event was over, the team of Kodomo held an avent of storytelling which ended by the dentist, drg. Mayasari whom also told us if we don’t want have tooth-ache, we have to brush our teeth regularly.
The event ended with taking photos with the team of Kodomo followed by the ryhme of Kodomo theme song : “ Kodomo.....Kodomo....teman baikku.”




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