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Outbond Paramount School

Outbond 2016 PARAMOUNT SCHOOL ( We play, we learn, we happy ) -  Outbond is a program, open area games, which can be applied for studying and relax activity. Outbond which is also called experiential learning (Experience based Learning),. The program will be outdoor and indoor activity. This contains of many plays or games such as, brain games etc. There is no other goal for this game except only for self-development and self- problem solving skill. So, thus, this program is extremely valuable n appropriate for students either primary or secondary.
Another aim of this activity is to stimulate the creative way of thinking, lead to positive attitude, good perception, open minded, tolerant, social care, leadership, togetherness. These elements, hopefully, can emerge unintentionally to students who are actively attending.
In accordance with Paramount school semester programs (probably in first or second semester), Outbond primary will take time about one day. However, this game, specifically, is addressed for primary four students who are, considered, qualified n suitable to join in this game.
Then, it comes to what games in Paramount school will be. There are so many games in Paramount school outbond the committee have prepared. Through the simulations, the outbond will be divided into some games, indoor and outdoor.

These are the lists:
1.Treasure Hunting, Puzzle (investigating skill)
2.Walking Hollahop (Not underestimate)
3.Animal Hunter (remembering thing and concentrate)
4.Dragon Ball (Defensive and respondible)
5.Walking Rubber Estafet (Patient)
6.Electric Fence (Strategize, kesabaran)
7.Air Bridge (Balance and entrust dan kepercayaan)
8.Bomb Disposal (consentrate, studious)
9.Leaking Pipe (Teamwork and problem solving skill)
10.Multi Spider web (Totality)
11.Plastic Glass Pyramid (Think fast)
12.Tower Building (Think uniquely and creatively)

Finally, it comes to an end. This program is really helpful and supportive for students for gaining great experience, growing attitude, willing to appreciate and how far they care to another.  The last but not least, this program makes students happy in learning, studying in playing. So, experience it!.......




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