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In this second semester, Paramount School helds outing to Graha Technology on 5 May, 2016. The participant of outing is from students 7, 8, and 9 Secondary Class. They are accompanied by their teachers. Each class has prepared all need before leaving.
In this year, not only Secondary Class has opportunity to go to Graha Technology, but also the students from Playgroup and Kindergarten go to Graha Technology.
For playgroup and kindergarten do outing on 12 May, 2016 – 13 May, 2016. The students go to Graha Technology by Trans Musi. For the first day on 12 May, 2016, the participants are Toddler and Nursery class, they are 13 students, 7 teachers, 1 helper, and 1 security. While, the second day, on 13 May, 2016, the participants are Kindergarten A and B. They are 112 students, 15 teachers, 2 helpers, and 2 securities.
Before the students take around to see tools of the experiments in there, they watch the film about “ Go to the Moon” firstly. We know that Graha Technology has many experiments, like how to use telescope, how happens tsunami, the chair and the bed made from nail, catrol, bongosong, etc.
Outing is an activity to make the students know well about the activity and in this moment, the students have destination get more knowledge in Graha Technology. The students are really enthusiastic to see and know well about each experiment in Graha Technology. ( Ms. Juna)


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