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Paramount School League

       Paramount School League 2016/2017 is an annual program of internal futsal competition. The purposes of this activity are:

1.    Tightening the relationship between learners and teachers
2.    Building self-esteem, discipline, honesty, sportsmanship, highly social motivated, cooperative and take responsibility.
3.    Encouraging students to compete well. 
4.    Entertaining but remain educationally.
5.    Making paramount school as a place of learning while playing.

       This event had run since October 21st  to November 18th , 2016 which participated by eight futsal team of primary 4 to 5. This round-robin football championship divided into two groups, group A consisted of primary 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D and group B consisted of Primary 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D with.

       In the preliminary round, primary 4B came out as the winner of group A and primary 4C as the runner-up. Meanwhile in Group B, primary 5C won the group and followed by primary 5A.

        Friday, 11th  November 2016, Semi-final game was held,  the first match was between  primary 4B and primary 5A team with ended score 1-4 point for primary 5A team, while the second match was between primary 5C and 4C team with ended score  6-2 for primary 5C. The matches which was led by Mr Deni as the referee obviously brought primary 5A and 5C to the final round. On the otherday, Wednesday, 16th  November 2016, primary futsal team 4C and 4B fought for the third place of Paramount Futsal League championship. That day, Primary 4B futsal team succesfully took the 3rd position while primary 4C futsal team must satisfy as the consolation.

         Finally, the top match of Paramount School League 2016/2017, led by Mr Dwi, was held on Friday, November 18, 2016, between Primary 5A team versus Primary 5C team. The game ended with score was 3-4 for primary 5C team. For this result  Primary 5C team  reserved the right as the champion of Paramount School League 2016/2017,  while Primary 5A team must satisfy with the second place  or the runner up of the Paramount School League 2016/2017. 

         Furthemore, the commite of Paramount School League 2016/2017 announced the top score player of Paramount School League 2016/2017 achieved by Tyo, Primary 5A futsal team and the best player fell on Faisal, Primary 5C futsal team. (Ratings based on team performance contribution, skill and play ethics)

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