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An accomplished young pianist gained National Level Achievement

       Who does not like music? Talking about music, one of the Paramount School talented and accomplished pianist, Jeanne Alexandra recently joined one of the biggest festivals event which was held on 29-30 October 2016, at Mega Anggrek hotel Jakarta. She was born in Palembang, 2nd April 2005 or known as Jeanne won the Indonesia Open Piano Competition as the first  winner of National Basic piano championship category Basic Gracial. It’s out of her expectation that she successfully stole the hearts of Indonesian music lovers through her performance. The competiton which was followed by 495 participants were divided into several categories and attended by 118 piano teachers from various conservatoire schools in Indonesia. 

       Mr. Bambang Bemby Soebyakto, MA. PhD. and Mrs. Diana Hilda, SE. M.Kes, the parents of Jeanne, feel very proud of this achievement. They keep support their daughter to do the best. As the result, Jeanne has a myriad achievement in academic, she has had more than 50 trophies and medals, the competition that was followed including the English Olympics, Story Telling, Mental Arithmetic quiz, outstanding student of Kalidoni district level, Spelling Bee, Abacus, Got Talent kids, Smart Quiz Competition, Math Competition, Count Quick Arithmetic, and many more. 

       A Young girl who aspires to be a doctor still has a lot of dreams and wishes that she wants to reach out, Jeanne also encourages the generation to keep the spirit and not despair in the pursuit of success. (Ms. Liya)

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  • Represent South Sumatera at International Math Science Olympic
  • First Champion Faber Castle Competition at National Level
  • The Third Winner of at “PEKAN MATEMATIKA NASIONAL”
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