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Be young scientists

Nowadays scienctits keep developing the scienctific knowledge for human life, as the previous inventors had dedicated their life  to invent many useful things for human life. Through  a lot of experiments, they created theories of knowledge that very useful and still applied and used today. 

Inspired by the inventors of the past time, Paramount school initiated a program “a science day “. The program was  held  from September to November 2016, and will be continued on January 2017. The program that is addressed for Primary  and secondary students, Primary  1 until Secondary 3, is aimed to stimulate the primary and secondary students to be young scientists by doing some experiments based on the theory of the inventors and also their creativities. In this program the students are going to perfom the result of their  experiments in front of the others , their friends and parents.

During the perfomance of the program, the students are able to show and proved the theory from the inventors, they had read. Theories, like archimedes law,  “the water pressure” was proved by them by using an egg that float on surface of the water or sink into the water when some salt with diffrent concentration was poured into it. And also many other theories that proved by them. Furthermore , during the program, the students are also able to show their creativity by making the miniature of the erupted volcano by using wax , made into a miniature volcano, then mixed soda, vinegar and food coloring poured into the volcano  to show the eruption of volcano phenomenon.

Finally, The science day program is expected to be able to create the next young inventors or scienctist. (Ms. Shinta)

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