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Paramount school is an outstanding school where the students are nurtured to be smart and successful students. From the early age, the students are trainnned how to be young successful entrepreneur. The school implemented this annual event to make the students feel the real experience of entrepreneurship. This event was divided into two parts, the first is Investor day which was held on 28th Oct and the second is Market day , held on 5th Nov 2016.

On Friday, 28th Oct. The students dressed up like young executives, why were they dress like young executive? Well guys, that was the day in which they showed their ability in conducting the professions they have to be. In this part, every classes chose what is the name of their companies, what were the things they wanted to sell, and how was the organization of their companies.  The students are organized by their teachers to present their slides in front of other students, and they had to tell to others about their products and invited others to buy their products. Every classes has different ways in persuading the customers. They were great and brave on that day. 

Action speaks louder than a word. In investor day, they only informed about their products. But in market day, they were directly a seller. Ms. Dea as the chief committee said that the event of market day was followed by the entire students of Paramount school (playgroup, kindergarten, primary and secondary). The purposes of this event are to make the students are able to attract the customers and sell their products as much as possible with a good strategy.  

“ The true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer “  Nolan Bushnell                

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