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Cooking Day

One of the most wanted events in Paramount School was Cooking Day. The students were so excited about Cooking Day. All students joined this event from primary 1 until secondary 3. This event needed a teamwork to cook a delicious food. The students worked together. They prepared for cooking equipments. Every students had a job to bring the equipment.
For cooking day on this year, the school had a special thing. The school asked the students to cook food with the main ingredients. The main ingredient was flour. Flour was an easy ingredient to be cooked but it had a big challenge. The challenge was the students should cook something delicious. The special one not the common food and another important thing was the students should be creative.
Greatly, the students cooked special food. There were takoyaki, sate dos, greentea cake, pizza, lava cake, mile crepes, malaysian curry puff, kind of pancakes and etc.
Cooking Day was running so well and fun. They all had good teamwork. All the students were so satisfied about they worked.They could taste all the food that they cooked all were so yummy.
Paramount School hopes for the next cooking day, the students will be more excited and better in cooking. The students will be more independent whey they can cook by themselves. All the students can’t wait for the next cooking day.


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