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The Dokcil activity which cooperated with Siloam Hospital

The Dokcil activity which cooperated with Siloam Hospital held on 07 August to 08 August 2018 in Paramount school was followed by 16 students of primary 4 to 5. The participants (students) were given direct coaching from Mr. M. Irwan, S.Kep and Mrs. Lidya Roslita, S.Kep. 

Being a dokcil becomes another credit to the student of primary when they are asked to not only “medicate” others but also identified as a good model of their environment about healthy lifestyles and proficient in P3K knowledge. 

Surprisingly, 13 of 16 participants dream to be doctor in the future, this thing which made Malika Rhesma Odora, Mellynda Aisyah , Ahmatania Daneendra Sashikirana, Nisrina Sabita Whardani, Danish Adhitya Ibrahim, Michiko Alexandra, Annisa Alifah, Raihanoon Loviza T.P, Valika Khaya Nareshwari, Matthew Cavin, Nabila Khairi Haron, Marcelia Angel Purba and M. Berry Raafi Akbar eagerly joined the activity. The other participants; Firly Fadhil Ismail, Danish Hamizan, and Bertrand Trygve dreamt to be footballer but it didn’t make them not fascinated joining the activity. For Nisrina Sabita, Ahmatania D. Sashikirana, and Mellynda Aisyah, being a dokcil is not only as a noble job but also a way to persuade and remind many people about clean and healthy lifestyles. Ms. Liya


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