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OLIMPIADE SAINS KUARK 2019 at Paramount School Palembang

OLIMPIADE SAINS KUARK 2019 at Paramount School Palembang. Thank you to the Central Committee of the Kuark Science Olympiad (OSK), Sains KUARK Palembang (Sains KUARK Palembang) which has entrusted Paramount School as the semifinal venue for South Sumatra

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Paramount School

Teaching is not just a job, it's a calling. We are committed to doing our best for educate our students, in order they are confident in achieving academic, physical, sosial, and spiritual as well as the full potential within them

  • Represent South Sumatera at International Math Science Olympic
  • First Champion Faber Castle Competition at National Level
  • The Third Winner of at “PEKAN MATEMATIKA NASIONAL”
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