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"I like studying at Paramount School because I have nice and kind teachers and friends here. We are taught well both in academic or non-academic, we speak English in almost every lesson, we are also taught to be tough and discipline. English is one of the languages that is spoken in all over the world, now and later. I like competition, in here, I have many chances to join the competition, and even now I’ve already joined the competition such as Math Olympic and I have won some."

- Aliyyah Faza Qinthara ( Primary 6A )

"I choose Paramount School because the facilities are complete, all of my teachers and my friends are nice and kind.."

- Muhammad Jhidan Ramadhan ( Secondary 3 )

"Paramount is an international school, and the most important one is that the students are safe and secured at here.."

- Nusirwan Kimi, S.H. (Parent from Nuke Merisca Titiana, Primary 6B)

"Paramount is an international school which hascomplete facilities. English is as a spoken language in learning process, and also I have nice and friendly teachers here.."

- Margareta Andriani (Parent from Rindiani Permata Haslindra, Secondary 3)

"I’m really glad study at Paramount School, here, I meet nice and kind teachers and friends, furthermore, the facilities are complete."

- Alesandria Rafaelina Ivansius ( Primary 4B )

"The facilities of Paramount School are complete, every class has air conditioner and projector, and also we have swimming pool here. The teachers are also kind and have good manner in ways of teaching, hence, we could understand the lesson easily through their explanation. My friends are also school at Paramount, so I’m really happy. Thanks. ."

- Nicole Kaylee Wijaya ( Secondary 2 )

"I choose paramount school because this school has a good quality and can educate the students to be self-sufficient.."

- Markus Hendrawan (Parents from Teo Okta Adhytia Putra, Secondary 2)

"I choose paramount school because the teachers have good skills, the good relationship between teachers and students is running well, however still, the students know that they have to keep their politeness to their teachers. Students are also safe and secured here. The teachers make the students be discipline here, besides the objectiveness of the evaluation of the students are also very good. In conclusion, Paramount school is one of the acknowledgeable favorite school.."

- H. Syaiful Bahri, S.Si (Parent from Muzaffar Dinar Wardhana, Primary 5D & Nisrina Sabita Wardhani,

" I appreciate this website that will help us to build communication among teachers and students. the content of the web is good and it can be used as a medium or a model in Paramount school`s agenda. I`m sure Paramount school will be better to the future with many interesting events, spirit teachers and all smarts students. Many brilliant ideas are needed for the sake of brilliant Paramount School to the future. Thank you for all. PARAMOUNT IS TERRIFIC. ."

- Ali Maksum

Paramount School

Teaching is not just a job, it's a calling. We are committed to doing our best for educate our students, in order they are confident in achieving academic, physical, sosial, and spiritual as well as the full potential within them

  • Represent South Sumatera at International Math Science Olympic
  • First Champion Faber Castle Competition at National Level
  • The Third Winner of at “PEKAN MATEMATIKA NASIONAL”
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